Blue cheese

Azul do Bosque won a gold medal and soon after the Super Gold trophy at the III Premio Queijo Brasil, 2017. It was chosen as the best goat cheese in Brazil. It is made with goat’s milk from the farm and is inspired by the processes of the English Stilton, the most famous English blue cheese, made with cow’s milk. In Brazil, it is unique and exclusive to Capril do Bosque. The blue cheeses are so called because they have veins of the fungus penicilium roqueforti. They can be made with cow’s milk, sheep’s milk or goat’s milk. They may be more creamy, more brittle, soft or spicy. Almost every European country has its blue cheese. In France, the most famous is Roquefort; in Italy, the Gorgonzola; in Denmark, Danish Blue.


Creamy, with strong presence and good permanence. Intense. Presented in 200g pieces.


Consume as a starter, as a protagonist of a main dish or dessert. Create sauces, fillings and different pairings with wine and beer. Azul do Bosque is a remarkable cheese and harmonizes well with fortified wines (Ports and Timber) or late harvest (Sauternes, Malvasias, etc.) and also with special beers.

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