Who we are

Capril do Bosque is a small family run farm in the countryside of São Paulo, only 120km away from the capital. Over the last 10 years, Capril do Bosque has built a reputation and today is a national reference in the art of fine goat artisanal cheeses.

Visitors are welcome to our restaurant and to our goat breeding stables, where the milk is produced.

Lunch and tours on Saturdays, Sundays and holydays from 10am to 5pm. Make a reservation.
For special event, a birthday party or a tour during the week, make a reservation.
Cheese shop open every day from 10am to 4pm. Give us a visit.

We are a family running a business and making everything by ourselves, with a help of a local small team: Heloisa +3 in the dairy, Juliana +4 in the restaurant, Victor +1 taking care of the goats.

Tour of the stables

Our milk is produced naturally, you can watch the milking and taste the milk after a tour conducted by Victor (adults R$26,00, children, R$18,00; lasts 50 minutes and includes nursing the kids). If you are planning a goat raising farm, we can help! No need for reservations, unless you want to visit on a week day. In this case, call (11) 95068 6950.

Bistro do Bosque

The vegetables we serve are locally produced, either in our garden or on some other farm of Joanopolis. The food we offer is natural and carefully prepared by Chef Juliana and her team. The menu changes weekly and is shown on two blackboards conveniently placed. We have a small list of selected wines that go very well with our cheeses. For a full meal, our average ticket is R$130,00. Cheese tasting for one person (10 cheeses, homemade marmelade, fruit and fresh bread) costs R$48,00. Reservations (11) 95555 9232.

The Dairy

The cheeses have been developed in the course of 40 years, even since Heloisa came to Joanopolis to give herself and her family a weekend break from a busy academic life in São Paulo. This is the most varied and famous portfolio of goat cheeses in Brasil. They are totally natural and cover a wide range of tastes, colours and textures. Some are inspired by famous cheeses in other countries, some are author cheeses. All hold the terroir of the Mantiqueira Paulista. To give you a taste of what it means to make cheese, we hold a 3,5 hour monthly workshop (R$230,00 per person).

Our service is nice and simple, please don´t expect a sophisticated structure. We train our team ourselves and we are proud to have a few youngsters from Joanopolis sharing with us the responsibilities to welcome and help our visitors.

We live on the farm and we are fully dedicated to make your experience relaxing, instructive and memorable. This is not only our business, this is our lives. We welcome all comments and will use them all to improve. Also, please tell us if you find important information missing. Feel free to write to us: contato@caprildobosque.com.br

We do not hold accommodation just yet, so please make your reservations in Joanópolis (several B&B and one resort around, one small hotel in the center), in Extrema (20km), São Francisco Xavier (50km) or Monte Verde (60km).
Or come for the day, we are only two hours away from São Paulo.

We will be very pleased to have you with us!

Heloisa’s goats

Collages by Silvio Alvarez
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