Serra do Lopo

This cheese was named after the local mountain range of Joanópolis and its beautiful Sleeping Giant. Its rind is washed in beer or fruit wine, matured for approximately 45 days, with a minimum of 20 baths.

The rind is dry and delicate, feels soft in the mouth. Inside it has a creamy, delicately flavored pate. Close texture. It was inspired by the Serra da Estrela cheese.

In 2017 it won a Silver Medal in the III Premio Queijo Brazil. Under the request of Daniel Martins, from Queijo com Prosa, it is washed in red beer with macerated red fruit and receives a new name, Serrinha au Bierre.


Dry, thin and soft skin. Very creamy, delicately flavored pate. Presented in 200g pieces.


It is delicious on its own or stuffed. can be heated to be served as a “fromage fondu”. It Chef Ju Raposo wraps in up thin slices of bacon and seals it up a hot pan, to serve it with fresh salads.

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