Halloumi do Bosque

Halloumi is an original Middle East cheese. It has close and firm texturee. It was developed as a cheese to endure the long journeys of the Bedouins and the Moors: it is salty, cooked in its own serum and very well drained. Haloumi certainly traveled with the Moors to the Iberian peninsula, where it may have been assimilated by the Portuguese and brought to Brazil! If this is correct, we may call it the grandfather of queijo de coalho.

Halloumi gives off a delicious aroma of fresh cheese when it is grilled, plated or flambée. And however firm it is, when it gets hot, it gets soft.

Presented in round pieces of 150g.
Made to order only.


White, from pure goat’s milk, cooked pate, close and firm texture.


Great for grilling. Serve with grilled aubergines and fresh thyme.

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