Grego do Bosque

Our Greek is inspired by the millenarian methods of the Greek cheeses. It is made with pure goat’s milk and matured in brine for about 25 days. Crumbly, salty, tasty, it becomes king over a fresh salad and asks for a lot of good olive oil and no salt.


Crumbly, salty, with a taste of the sea. Presented in pieces of approximately 150g.


Excellent in very fresh Mediterranean salads of top quality ingredientes: firm red tomatoes, crispy cucumbers, black and green olives, white or purple onions and herbs such as basil, thyme or rosemary. If you prefer, instead of cutting the cheese in cubes, crumble the cheese unpretentiously on the salad before sprinkling it with good olive oil. Do not use salt in the salad, the cheese salt is fully enough.

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