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Capril do Bosque’s cheese-making activities began as a hobby 40 years ago. In the 70’s the cheeses were simple, made only with milk and rennet. It was only in the 1990s that we began experiments with fine cheeses, that is, cheeses with a complex flavor, the result of careful and detailed processes, including maturation and use of special starters, molds, charcoal, etc.

The first seal obtained by Capril do Bosque was the municipal seal SIM 001 of Joanópolis, in 2011.

The second was the SISP state seal in 2013. All our cheeses are registered by SISP and can be widely marketed. More recently, with the enactment of Law 13680 of 2018, Capril do Bosque is authorized to market its cheeses throughout the national territory .

We elaborate cheeses with 100% healthy goat’s milk. For two of our cheeses, we also use buffalo milk in a totally innovative combination that promotes more creaminess.

We produce fresh and mature goat’s cheese; raw and cooked pate; rindless
cheeses, cheeses with rind, with moldy and hard rind. We make the only blue
goat cheese in Brazil.

Our production is around 800kg per month.

The cheese-making activity in Capril do Bosque was born out of love for cheeses and research and always develops in close relation with curiosity and love for knowledge. We have a special interest in research on the impact of different types of feed on the quality and taste of milk and cheese, especially fruit leaves and leguminous plants, which have high percentages of protein, as well as silage. Another area of constant interest are the processes of cheese maturation and both the identification and development of brazilian yeasts and molds.

If you live in São Paulo, Capital, you can order your kit and receive the Capril do Bosque’s cheeses at your place.

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