Rural tourism

A Tour of Capril do Bosque

Capril do Bosque welcomes children and adults for a 50-minute guided tour which includes visits to the stables of the goats, interaction with the animals and general explanations about the cheese production. You can also enjoy an external view of the cheese factory and the production room though a large window.

For people who want a direct experience with the cheeses, we offer a cheese workshop monthly. Please check dates and program on courses page

During the tour, the focus is put on milk production, animal management, nutrition and births. Children can take kids on a leash or feed them a milk bottle.

Rides on the farm

We offer horse rides in a safe and protected area, ideal for families and children. You can have your ride from Monday to Friday with prior appointment, with orientation, meek horses and complete equipment (saddle, helmet, etc.), without a guide (chidren are only allowed to ride with the presence of and under the care of an adult).

You can also have a ride on Saturdays and Sundays, without prior appointment, without a guide.

If you are an experienced rider, it is possible to plan an outing to a nearby waterfall or to the foot of the nearby mountains or to the Trenches of 1932, in the mountains.

Horse rides

On the farm, rides cost R$40.00 and last 40 minutes.

Outings to the waterfall, mountain range, trenches in the mountains, with prior appointment (day and time), with a guide, vary between R$50.00 and R$60.00 per horse and last between one and two hours.


From Monday to Friday, with reservation, adults R$30.00 and children R$22.00.

On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 9am to 5pm, without a reservation, adults R$26.00 and children R$18.00. Mo make a reservation, call Victor Collins at (11) 95069 6850 (also Whattsapp).

*The tour does not include cheese tasting but you can enjoy a full tasting at Bistrô do Bosque.

How about enjoying a cheese platter?

Come for a tasting at the bistrot


Photos Johnny Mazilli and Lucas Terribili